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About Tales from the Banana Trail.

Once upon a time we decided to build a travel backpack because we couldn’t find any that we loved. Then one day, we decided we should build a travel blog for pretty much the same reason. Our hope is to help give a voice to some of the amazing travel stories out there that wouldn’t be heard otherwise and to give you the tools you need to become one of those people with the amazing stories. If you aren’t already one. 😉

The Explorers.

Real people going seriously far off the beaten path. 

Recent Explorers.

The most recent tales from adventurers pushing the limits to explore and learn about the world.

The 3 E's:
Explore. Educate. Equip.

The tools you need to become a Better explorer. 

Our Faves.

A few of our favourites to help you explore further, learn more, and travel more efficiently than ever before.


Destination guides.

Recent Destinations.

A few locations worth planning a future trip around.

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