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caring for cambodia

Shop for Good: Amazing Products Addressing Current Issues in Cambodia

Cambodia profoundly impacts all those who visit and inspires many of those visitors to help make a difference in improving the country’s future. These 6 amazing companies craft goods that not only make your life better, but also have a major impact on the quality of life in the incredible country of Cambodia.

Khmer Explorer 60L Travel Backpack

Building the Best Front Loading Backpack for Travel

My first 10 years of travelling were spent living out of a 35L front loading backpack the size of a couple of milk jugs. I used to laugh when I saw massive hiking bags cumbersomely loaded into tuk-tuks and squished into taxis. I’d think to myself, “what do they possibly have in there?”. Then one day that all changed.

Banana Backpacks

Travel Backpacks – Choosing the Best Style for Your Next Trip.

You’re setting off on a life-changing trip. You’ve been poring over travel blogs and guidebooks for months, you know what you’re supposed to wear and not to wear, you have your renewed passport at the ready, you may even have a human travel buddy committed… but you’re still missing your number one companion: a travel backpack.

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